Send message to Telegram user using Python

Send message to Telegram user using Python

Have you ever wondered how people do automation on Telegram? You may know that Telegram has a big user base and so it is one of the preferred social media to read people. What good thing about Telegram is that it provides a bunch of API’s methods, unlike Whatsapp which restricts such things. So in this post, we will be sharing how to send messages to a Telegram user using Python.

Getting Started

First, create a bot using Telegram BotFather. To create a BotFather follow the below steps –


  • Open the telegram app and search for @BotFather.
  • Click on the start button or send “/start”.
  • Then send “/newbot” message to set up a name and a username.
  • After setting name and username BotFather will give you an API token which is your bot token.

Then create an app on the telegram. Follow the below steps –


  • Log into the telegram core:
  • Go to ‘API development tools’ and fill out the form.
  • You will get the api_id and api_hash parameters required for user authorization.


Modules needed

You need several Python library imports for the script functioning.

  • telebot: To install this module type the below command in the terminal.
pip install telebot
  • telethon: To install this module type the below command in the terminal.
pip install telethon

Below is the implementation.

# importing all required libraries
import telebot
from telethon.sync import TelegramClient
from import InputPeerUser, InputPeerChannel
from telethon import TelegramClient, sync, events
# get your api_id, api_hash, token
# from telegram as described above
api_id = 'API_id'
api_hash = 'API_hash'
token = 'bot token'
message = "Working..."
# your phone number
# creating a telegram session and assigning
# it to a variable client
client = TelegramClient('session', api_id, api_hash)
# connecting and building the session
# in case of script ran first time it will
# ask either to input token or otp sent to
# number or sent or your telegram id
if not client.is_user_authorized():
    # signing in the client
    client.sign_in(phone, input('Enter the code: '))
    # receiver user_id and access_hash, use
    # my user_id and access_hash for reference
    receiver = InputPeerUser('user_id', 'user_hash')
    # sending message using telegram client
    client.send_message(receiver, message, parse_mode='html')
except Exception as e:
    # there may be many error coming in while like peer
    # error, wrong access_hash, flood_error, etc
# disconnecting the telegram session

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