Reverse words in a given String in Python

Reverse words in a given String in Python

We are given a string and we need to reverse words of a given string?


Input : str = geeks quiz practice code
Output : str = code practice quiz geeks

  • Separate each word in given string using split() method of string data type in python.
  • Reverse the word separated list.
  • Print words of list, in string form after joining each word with space using ” “.join() method in python.
# Function to reverse words of string 
def rev_sentence(sentence): 
    # first split the string into words 
    words = sentence.split(' '
    # then reverse the split string list and join using space 
    reverse_sentence = ' '.join(reversed(words)) 
    # finally return the joined string 
    return reverse_sentence 
if __name__ == "__main__"
    input = 'geeks quiz practice code'
    print (rev_sentence(input))


code practice quiz geeks


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