Python program to print Emojis

Python program to print Emojis

There are multiple ways we can print the Emojis in Python. Let’s see how to print Emojis with Uniocdes, CLDR names and emoji module.

Using Unicodes:
Every emoji has a Unicode associated with it. Emojis also have a CLDR short name, which can also be used.


From the list of unicodes, replace “+” with “000”. For example – “U+1F600” will become “U0001F600” and prefix the unicode with “\” and print it.


# grinning face
# grinning squinting face
# rolling on the floor laughing


Using CLDR short name:

# grinning face
print("\N{grinning face}")
# slightly smiling face
print("\N{slightly smiling face}")
# winking face
print("\N{winking face}")


Using emoji module:

Emojis can also be implemented by using the emoji module provided in Python. To install it run the following in the terminal.

pip install emoji

emojize() function requires the CLDR short name to be passed in it as the parameter. It then returns the corresponding emoji. Replace the spaces with underscore in the CLDR short name.

# import emoji module 
import emoji


demojize() function converts the emoji passed into its corresponding CLDR short name.

Below is a list of some common emoji Unicodes with their CLDR short names:

CLDR Short Name Unicode
grinning face U+1F600
grinning face with big eyes U+1F603
grinning face with smiling eyes U+1F604
beaming face with smiling eyes U+1F601
grinning squinting face U+1F606
grinning face with sweat U+1F605
rolling on the floor laughing U+1F923
face with tears of joy U+1F602
slightly smiling face U+1F642
upside-down face U+1F643
winking face U+1F609
smiling face with smiling eyes U+1F60A
smiling face with halo U+1F607
smiling face with 3 hearts U+1F970
smiling face with heart-eyes U+1F60D
star-struck U+1F929
face blowing a kiss U+1F618
kissing face U+1F617
smiling face U+263A
kissing face with closed eyes U+1F61A
kissing face with smiling eyes U+1F619
face savoring food U+1F60B
face with tongue U+1F61B
winking face with tongue U+1F61C
zany face U+1F92A
squinting face with tongue U+1F61D
money-mouth face U+1F911
hugging face U+1F917
face with hand over mouth U+1F92D
shushing face U+1F92B
thinking face U+1F914
zipper-mouth face U+1F910
face with raised eyebrow U+1F928
neutral face U+1F610
expressionless face U+1F611
face without mouth U+1F636
smirking face U+1F60F
unamused face U+1F612
face with rolling eyes U+1F644
grimacing face U+1F62C
lying face U+1F925
relieved face U+1F60C
pensive face U+1F614
sleepy face U+1F62A
drooling face U+1F924
sleeping face U+1F634
face with medical mask U+1F637
face with thermometer U+1F912
face with head-bandage U+1F915
nauseated face U+1F922

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