Python program to implement Rock Paper Scissor game

Python program to implement Rock Paper Scissor game

Python is a multipurpose language and one can do literally anything with it. Python can also be used for game development. Let’s create a simple command line Rock-Paper-Scissor game without using any external game libraries like PyGame.

In this game, user gets the first chance to pick the option among Rock, paper and scissor. After that computer select from remaining two choices(randomly), then winner is decided as per the rules.


Winning Rules as follows :

Rock vs paper-> paper wins
Rock vs scissor-> Rock wins
paper vs scissor-> scissor wins.

In this game, randint() inbuilt function is used for generating random integer value within the given range.

Below is the implementation :

# import random module
import random
# Print multiline instruction
# performstring concatenation of string
print("Winning Rules of the Rock paper scissor game as follows: \n"
                                +"Rock vs paper->paper wins \n"
                                + "Rock vs scissor->Rock wins \n"
                                +"paper vs scissor->scissor wins \n")
while True:
    print("Enter choice \n 1. Rock \n 2. paper \n 3. scissor \n")
    # take the input from user
    choice = int(input("User turn: "))
    # OR is the short-circuit operator
    # if any one of the condition is true
    # then it return True value
    # looping until user enter invalid input
    while choice > 3 or choice < 1:
        choice = int(input("enter valid input: "))
    # initialize value of choice_name variable
    # corresponding to the choice value
    if choice == 1:
        choice_name = 'Rock'
    elif choice == 2:
        choice_name = 'paper'
        choice_name = 'scissor'
    # print user choice 
    print("user choice is: " + choice_name)
    print("\nNow its computer turn.......")
    # Computer chooses randomly any number 
    # among 1 , 2 and 3. Using randint method
    # of random module
    comp_choice = random.randint(1, 3)
    # looping until comp_choice value 
    # is equal to the choice value
    while comp_choice == choice:
        comp_choice = random.randint(1, 3)
    # initialize value of comp_choice_name 
    # variable corresponding to the choice value
    if comp_choice == 1:
        comp_choice_name = 'Rock'
    elif comp_choice == 2:
        comp_choice_name = 'paper'
        comp_choice_name = 'scissor'
    print("Computer choice is: " + comp_choice_name)
    print(choice_name + " V/s " + comp_choice_name)
    # condition for winning
    if((choice == 1 and comp_choice == 2) or
      (choice == 2 and comp_choice ==1 )):
        print("paper wins => ", end = "")
        result = "paper"
    elif((choice == 1 and comp_choice == 3) or
        (choice == 3 and comp_choice == 1)):
        print("Rock wins =>", end = "")
        result = "Rock"
        print("scissor wins =>", end = "")
        result = "scissor"
    # Printing either user or computer wins
    if result == choice_name:
        print("<== User wins ==>")
        print("<== Computer wins ==>")
    print("Do you want to play again? (Y/N)")
    ans = input()
    # if user input n or N then condition is True
    if ans == 'n' or ans == 'N':
# after coming out of the while loop
# we print thanks for playing
print("\nThanks for playing")

Output :

winning Rules of the Rock paper and scissor game as follows:
rock vs paper->paper wins 
rock vs scissors->rock wins 
paper vs scissors->scissors wins 

Enter choice 
 1. Rock 
 2. paper 
 3. scissor 

User turn: 1
User choice is: Rock

Now its computer turn.......

computer choice is: paper
Rock V/s paper
paper wins =>computer wins
do you want to play again?

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