Find the k most frequent words from data set in Python

Find the k most frequent words from data set in Python

Given the data set, we can find k number of most frequent words.

In order to do this, we’ll use a high performance data type module, which is collections. This module got some specialized container datatypes and we will use counter class from this module.

Examples :

Input : "John is the son of John second. 
         Second son of John second is William second."
Output : [('second', 4), ('John', 3), ('son', 2), ('is', 2)]

Explanation :
1. The string will converted into list like this :
    ['John', 'is', 'the', 'son', 'of', 'John', 
     'second', 'Second', 'son', 'of', 'John', 
     'second', 'is', 'William', 'second']
2. Now 'most_common(4)' will return four most 
   frequent words and its count in tuple. 

Input : "geeks for geeks is for geeks. By geeks
         and for the geeks."
Output : [('geeks', 5), ('for', 3)]

Explanation :
most_common(2) will return two most frequent words and their count.

Approach :

  1. Import Counter class from collections module.
  2. Split the string into list using split(), it will return the lists of words.
  3. Now pass the list to the instance of Counter class
  4. The function ‘most-common()’ inside Counter will return the list of most frequent words from list and its count.

Below is Python implementation of above approach :

# Python program to find the k most frequent words
# from data set
from collections import Counter
data_set = "Welcome to the world of Geeks " \
"This portal has been created to provide well written well" \
"thought and well explained solutions for selected questions " \
"If you like Geeks for Geeks and would like to contribute " \
"here is your chance You can write article and mail your article " \
" to contribute at geeksforgeeks org See your article appearing on " \
"the Geeks for Geeks main page and help thousands of other Geeks. " \
# split() returns list of all the words in the string
split_it = data_set.split()
# Pass the split_it list to instance of Counter class.
Counter = Counter(split_it)
# most_common() produces k frequently encountered
# input values and their respective counts.
most_occur = Counter.most_common(4)

Output :

[('Geeks', 5), ('to', 4), ('and', 4), ('article', 3)]

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